One of the main environmental problems in contemporary society is the generation of waste. So, we choose recycled cotton for the manufacture of our products. The wire used in Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is the result of an industrial recycling process.

The cotton is heckled from leftovers and scraps from the clothing industry (already separated by color to avoid dyeing). This waste is harnessed to produce new yarn, which to gain strength, is spun again with shredded PET bottles. Thus, new Cotton/PET yarn is produced.

The art of Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is to turn these threads into new textile products, including hammocks and all decoration line.

Among our reasons for choosing recycled Cotton/PET yarn, we highlight:

  • A PET bottle takes 300 to 400 years to decompose in nature.
  • Energy saving in the production of recycled cotton is 76% and the reduction of CO2 emissions is 71%.