Sustainable yarns

With headquarters in the semiarid region – a region with a dry, hot climate and low rainfall in the Northeast of Brazil – Santa Luzia produces decorative items with a focus on sustainability. For this reason, it works with only two raw materials: organic colored cotton and recycled cotton – inputs that do not require water. Know more:

Colored cotton is grown in Paraíba without chemical additives and certified as an organic product by Ecocert. Agroecological management has no impact on workers’ health or on the environment. As it does not have an irrigated culture or undergoes dyeing, the pieces created by the company generate 87.5% water savings in its production process.

Recycled cotton also does not undergo dyeing. It is made from leftover textiles. These residues are separated by color and defibrated. As the fibers are short in this process, to become yarn again it is necessary to fuse cotton (80%) with polyester (20%), obtained from recycled PET bottles.

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