Productive chain

The Local Productive Arrangement involves about 400 families in Paraíba – from farmers, artisans to workers working in the textile factory. Among rural communities, traditional peoples such as Quilombos and farmers gathered in associations in rural settlements.

Most artisans work in their homes, mastering techniques such as macramé, crochet and embroidery. As they live in remote places, handicrafts are a fundamental income for these women – who need to be close to their children.

At the factory, weavers and seamstresses make pieces made from thematic collections, developed with innovations in design.

Organic colored cotton is grown under a guaranteed purchase contract. Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração pays for the feather the highest value per kilo in the country.

The company’s effort is to recover the cotton crop and maintain the sustainable chain, providing security for the farmer, avoiding the rural exodus.

Paraíba was once the largest feather producer in the country in the so-called Ouro Branco cycle. Today, the differential is the production of agroecological colored cotton. The production chain managed by Santa Luzia is the largest producer of colored cotton in the state and offers the market feathers, yarns and creative and finished textile products.

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