Respect for the environment has gained tremendous importance in the consumption of textile products. Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is proud to offer sustainable and distinctive design decoration items since long. Our products use organic cotton and recycled yarns which are woven and finished with artisan techniques such as macramé, crochet and renaissance lace made by efficient and talented groups of local artisans.

Thus, located in the hinterland of the State of Paraíba, in northeastern Brazil, Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles guarantees its production through a genuine sustainable supply chain based on weaving colorful agroecological cotton yarn (whose coop is grown with with colors ) and cotton recycled cotton/PET yarn.

The fabrics are transformed into hammocks and articles for decoration. With this environmentally and socially sustainable production we ensure employment and direct and indirect income for over 400 families, including farmers, weavers, lace makers and other artisans of rural settlements, associations and communities.