Ecological hammocks and ecological textile products with exclusive craft techniques

The Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration, a textile company based since 1986 in São Bento, Paraíba state, produces hammocks, blankets, cushions, curtains, shawls – among other accessories and utilities using ecological raw materials such as organic colored cotton and yarn of recycled cotton. The annual collections focus on the slow living public, with consumption interested in the production process.
With a focus on sustainability – using ecological raw materials and local development with organic colored cotton plantation in the Paraíba state, Northeastern Brazil – The Santa Luzia exposes its production chain that involves the guaranteed purchase contract with farmers to appreciation of traditional crafts.
“We planted the Paraíba organic colored cotton in a family farming system in partnership with farmers gathered by association in land reform settlements, small farms and also in traditional Quilombola communities,” explains Mr. Armando Dantas, the company’s CEO. “The weaving of the threads is done in the factory, but the crafts (macramé, crochet, lace, embroidery, patchwork, among other techniques) are performed by women in their own homes to be able to be available to care for their children. There are 400 families involved in these stages of cultivation and manual work”, he says.
One of the key points for the company, located in the lowland rainfall region and with frequent droughts, is not to use water in the production chain. The Paraíba’s organic colored cotton is already born in shades ranging from beige to brown without the use of additives or dyes. According to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa, which developed the seed, because it avoids the dyeing stage and is cultivated in non-irrigated soil, the impact on production is a reduction of water consumption of 87.5% compared to a common, industry-dyed cotton product.
In this way, the Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration presents to the market a raw material within the parameters of sustainable development with economic, environmental and social aspects interacting. “In addition to production, comes the cultural and innovation issue, such as design, complementing the concept of products developed by the company”, adds Mr. Dantas.
The other raw material, the recycled yarn, also eliminates water use because cotton comes from textile waste. Once separated by color, the cotton is defibrated. And to make it possible to turn a new fabric, need to fuse these fibers with PET bottle yarn – also recycled.
Local and International Recognition
The Santa Luzia Hammocks and decoration is guided by sustainability and innovation – preserving in its products the cultural characteristic based on craft work. Its executive – who began his career as a craftsman producing by selling door-to-door hammocks- today exports eco-friendly yarn products to Europe, North America and Africa.
In 2018 Mr. Dantas received the Southern Cone Craft Excellence Recognition award from the World Crafts Council (WCC) on the recommendation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO.
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