International action should impact sustainable cotton in Paraiba state

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração


Cotton represents 65% of textile inputs, which characterizes this raw material as strategic for the national industry. However, the intense use of water and pesticides has transformed ordinary cotton into one of the most polluting commodities in the world. The “2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge”, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), secured an agreement with 39 transnational companies that have committed to develop products with 100% sustainable cotton. In Brazil, less than 1% of cotton production is of organic origin. Included in the percentage, colored cotton is gaining prominence.

Paraiba textile industry decoration at the Maison & Object during Paris Design Week

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

The Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration participated in the Maison & Object from 6 to 10 September during the Paris Design Week, which attracts around 100,000 people to the French capital. About to turn 25 years existence, Maison & Object maintains its reputation as a global showcase and source of inspiration, revealing current information and future design trends. Among the exhibitors, 61% of brands come from outside France. According to research released after the event, Maison & Object brought together in this edition 3,137 brands from 69 countries. And in five days it drew an audience of 76,862 visitors to the Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris.

Ecological hammocks and ecological textile products with exclusive craft techniques

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

The Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration, a textile company based since 1986 in São Bento, Paraíba state, produces hammocks, blankets, cushions, curtains, shawls – among other accessories and utilities using ecological raw materials such as organic colored cotton and yarn of recycled cotton. The annual collections focus on the slow living public, with consumption interested in the production process.

Textile industry expands colorful cotton cultivation to meet sustainable home decor market

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

In the moonlight of the backwoods the dream of an abundant harvest was fulfilled. The last major drought in the State of Paraíba lasted six years, but this time the drought did not prevent the colored cotton from germinating in the arid soil of the city of São Bento. For the farmer Mr. Flaviano Alves, who was struggling due to lack of water and lack of funding, the project to expand the Paraiba Colored Cotton plantation emerged, in his words, “as a light at the end of the tunnel.” He received the seeds for free and reaped this month a crop of about 1200 kilos. Now it plans to double production. The motivation comes from the practice of guaranteed purchase contract with immediate payment on delivery – which gives farmers credibility and enthusiasm.

The Santa Luzia Networks and Decoration exhibits textile products at the Milan Design Week.

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

Selected by means of curatorship, the Paraíba textile company exhibits hammocks at the Casa Brasil: Essentially Diverse show, held from April 8 to 14 during the Design Week in Milan, Italy. Produced in sustainable production chain, with ecological raw material and design with handmade finishing, Santa Luzia Networks and Decoration will be among the pieces that occupy the two floors of the Museo della Permanente – 2,000 square meters space.

Hammock produced in Paraíba wins international award

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

In the Creative Economy, Craftwork is a sector that contributes with the expression and cultural preservation presenting to the market the aesthetic values ​​and identity of a people. In São Bento, Paraiba, the textile production carried out in Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration  in manual and mechanical looms – with handcrafted finishes – brought Sir Armando Dantas, executive of the company, the “Recognition of Excellence in Handicraft of the Southern Cone” award.

The award was given by the World Crafts Council (WCC) with support, protection and recommendation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). As an international organization, Unesco is a reference for the global vision of the socio-cultural and economic role of handicrafts in society.

Company from Paraiba takes creativity and innovation to the world’s largest fair of gardening and decoration products in Germany

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração


Increasingly aligned with the concept of sustainable economy, Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles takes part in the event Spoga + gafa in Cologne, Germany, from September 04 to 06, considered the largest fair of gardening and decoration in the world. The products, which are successful in Brazil and other countries, will be shown to about 40 thousand visitors from 110 countries, who gather to see firsthand what’s most innovative and beautiful on landscaping and outdoor decoration. The industry moves more than R $ 2.5 billion in Brazil.

Standing out for working with Eco raw materials, such as organic color cotton and recycled yarn, from fabric scraps mixed with PET bottles, the company will exhibit products such as hammocks, blankets, shawls for sofas, carpets, placemats, curtains and cushions. “We are sure the fair will be a success and also our participation in it,” says Armando Dantas, CEO. “For some time we have been looking at this event as a great opportunity, because the market needs innovative proposals and companies seeking customer satisfaction”, he says.

The expansion of the brand is one of the reasons for investment in the international market. “I believe that we are able to hold this space as our company has been in the market for 30 years, serving customers directly in our seven stores in the cities of São Bento and João Pessoa (PB), Fortaleza (CE), Natal (RN) and Brasilia (DF), in addition to having a qualified team to meet the domestic and international markets.” says Dantas.

Participation in the Spoga + gafa is one of the strategies to conquer the European market, whose consumers view sustainable production as a competitive differentiator. “We currently have

Whole exclusive production chain, from the raw material to completion of the parts. The organic color cotton yarn is purchased from settlements and communities working in a Family Agriculture system, and the recycled yarn is purchased from textile companies and mixed with PET bottles material. The company also has an exclusive factory in another country, its own weaving and the hand work of skilled artisans, who have been allies since its foundation and make the manual finishing of products, transforming them into works of art. “concludes the CEO.

The Fair – The Spoga + gafa is the world’s largest fair of products and garden accessories. It is held annually in Cologne, Germany, and has the participation of 2,012 exhibitors from 56 countries and around 40,000 visitors from 110 countries. With a total area of ​​240,000 m², the exhibition is divided into four thematic areas: garden unique, garden living, garden creation & care, and garden bbq.


Personnel at Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles are oriented on the importance of using personal protective equipment.

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

The staff at Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles, in São Bento, in the outback of Paraiba, took a break from work to learn a little more about the importance of using personal protective equipment. The presentation, conducted by the judge, and head of the Safe Work Programme, promoted by the Labor Court of Paraíba, George Falcão, revealed that more than 40 people are taken off their duties due to accidents or work-related diseases each day.

The CEO Armando Dantas praised the initiative. “It was something I never thought would happen. Business traditional previous view is that the company was there only to demand and to judge. And now we are actually seeing that times have changed, that re-education is needed so that the rights and duties of employers and employees are respected, “he said.

Dantas stressed the responsibility of businesses to promote Fair Trade, “In our company, all employees are registered. In São Bento, most factories are informal (family business, machines in a space of your own home), where the families themselves run the business and therefore think that there is the need to register staff because they are all members of the same family.

With this work carried out by the labour court, these informal / family businesses will become aware and find out the benefits that can have “he said.

The event – For two days, the Labour Court of Paraiba was in São Bento, in the outback of the State, with educational activities at the open market, state school and hammocks factory, and held hearings on labor disputes filed in the city.



Source: TRT Paraíba Press Office


The hammocks of Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles are in Fashion

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

The hammocks reached the catwalk turned into clothes by the hands of stylist João Pimenta. The collection was exhibited at the 41st SPFW, with the collaboration of Santa Luzia hammocks and textiles, which offered colorful cotton fabrics (in partnership with the Natural Cotton Color) and recycled yarn from textile waste (Already sorted by color to avoid staining) and recycled PET bottles—which ensures greater resistance to the yarn.

Designer João Pimenta pays technical visit to the factory of Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles

Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração

In January 2016 Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles was visited by João Pimenta who came to Paraiba to see some stages of the organic color cotton production chain.

Escorted by Armando Dantas (CEO), the designer was shown products made with sustainable raw materials, organic color cotton and recycled cotton, at the company’s headquarters, located in the city of São Bento, in Paraiba backlands, northeast of Brazil.

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